Time is almost here to say goodbye

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Long legs in sexy stockings and heels

It is with sadness that I will be saying goodbye to Hampshire for good very soon but it is time to move on.

My last working day in Southampton will be Saturday 28th July 2018, yes that is only 3 weeks.

In the run-up to leaving I hope to have lots of adventures with you.  It’s best to contact me sooner rather than later to book in for the same great experience whether that be sensual delights or kinky twists or relaxing massages.

Please note that my dungeon furniture will be dismantled next week.  If you wish a playtime using any of my dungeon furniture please contact me earlier in the week.  I will still have toys and equipment to hand so no fear  if you have a kink I can more than likely still cater for you.

In my disorganised state I’ve actually run out of Nuru get.  I’m really not impressed I can’t get a delivery until the end of the week so it will be Monday 16th onwards before the fabulously slippery nuru experience is available again but of course you can book in advance for when it arrives.

I know it’s really hot weather and it is putting some gents off playing.  I have lots of fans running and I’m rather skilled at cooling both of us down in interesting ways with ice should we find the heat a hinderence.

I will look forward to an couple of erotically fun weeks until I depart.



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