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Adele Smyth ~ Leather and SuspendersHappy New Year everyone, I hope you have a year where the energies you give out reap you your just rewards.  Don’t forget positive energies will make you and those around you feel much better.  Nothing will just drop in your lap, get out there and make it happen.

My year is going to be fabulous. I’m focused as to where I’m going, it will mean me putting in oodles of sustained effort, but I will make giant leaps in laying the foundations to my goal.  Along that road I will be having lots of giggles, having lots of adventures (both in the adult world and life in general) and meeting lots of new people.

I’ve made the decision that my journey won’t include gorgeous Adonis.  After a lot of thought I’ve decided I won’t be running off to book my flight to paradise… Why?  I can’t believe I’m saying this, amazing looks, a buff body or even living in paradise isn’t enough when someone is as dull as dishwater.  There was a reason this didn’t go anywhere over a decade ago and it became abundantly clear why.  I know a lot of people are happy with not quite right or being happy rotting in front of a TV, but I can’t live my life with the old grey matter disintegrating through lack of use and effectively waiting to die.  There needs to be a passion for each day and a drive to make each the best day.  I’m not saying you should be an adrenaline-junkie but there has to be more than an apathetic life of get up, work, TV, bed.  Where’s the reason, where’s the spark?  I know, I just want too much but I’m not settling for less! lol.

That leads nice onto my changes for Adele.  As you know I’ve got plans afoot but have had to delay these until 1st February, I’m just too busy to implement them earlier but hey that gives you an extra month to become a member of Adele’s Gentleman’s Club.

In summary:

Gents who I know:

There won’t be any changes for the lovely gentlemen who I’ve seen and had a wonderful time with before the change date other than all details for you will be on Adeles-Place.

You will automatically become members of “Adele’s Gentleman’s Club” and full details for you will be available at Adeles-Place at the appropriate time.  The blogs on that site will just be for “Adele’s Gentlemen” as will the delights offered which will be offered to you at my current advertised fee.  I’m looking into whether my own site can be restricted with a simple sign in to prevent gentlemen I’ve not met before being confused.

New visitors:

I will be welcome new visitors via my AW profile under a new name.  The range of delights on offer will be streamlined which will hopefully make it easier for those of you that tell me you get confused by the vast choice.  I am finally taking the advice of the gents that are always telling me I simply don’t charge enough for the package I offer, me, my skillset, the investment I make in equipment and the unique experiences I offer.  My rates are on the lower end of the scale and that is possibly why lots of you leave such big “tips”.  On the flip side of it there are a small number of you that don’t fully value me as the financial element is seen as lower and are always trying to get “more” whether that be time when I’m already too generous, effort when I already put in more than maximum etc etc.  This, coupled with most people out there having received an increased wage to compensate for the cost-of-living increases, I will be increasing my rates.

Why now?

It makes sense to make these changes now as I have less available time for adventures with you than I did.  I still adore my sensual and intimate times with, but I am being drawn to more areas of pure domination.  There is so much that I want to experiment with which, to be frank, simply doesn’t work by including intimacy which ruin the dynamics.  By no means am I leaving the world of intimate fantasy pleasure I’m just controlling demand and hopefully will continue to be appealing to the lovely gentleman I enjoy sharing special moments with.

As a sapiosexual I am attracted to intelligence but also a more sophisticated gentleman who has impeccable personal hygiene with sexual finesse beyond those that just pull at your clothes and make uncouth grabs at you.  I enjoy butterfly touches where fingertips hover against my skin and gentle caresses causing me to quiver with pleasure, to passionate kisses with toothpaste fresh breath, to non-furry tongues exploring…  For those gentlemen I will lead you to Eutopia.

To those of you that are reading this in disbelief with the view that I have an over inflated ego, you will never get to find out as we are not suited.  I wish you all the best and hope you find the lady you are looking for but please do not contact me.  However, if my profile causes a stirring and a little stomach flutter you are my type of man.

I have a couple of photo shoots planned in the first half of 2024 with fabulous photographers who I have worked with before and got amazing images.  One is in a fabulous remote location which I’ve had the pleasure of being invited to before.  It will mean I’m away for a couple of days for travel via a very convoluted route as I’m not driving over that bridge! Lol.  I may take a couple of days break in the area to relax and enjoy the local hospitality and scenery.  There wasn’t time to even grab a coffee in a quaint coffee house let alone relax over a meal in a local restaurant, I will be making up for missing out this time.  The other, I’m thinking of hiring a venue in the north to enhance the theme of the outfits.  I’m still pondering on the logistics but am a little giddy about both.

Finally, but the most important bit ~ Thank you to the lovely gentlemen that made 2023 such a fun year both in Fareham and my previous place in Basingstoke.  You are all darlings.  I hope we have the opportunity to make happy memories and continue our adventures in 2024.

I’m determine when I’m a little old lady in that nursing home to have the biggest, dirtiest smile thinking about what we got up to.

Adele x

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