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Dear All

Recently, I had a strange interaction with a blast from the past.  An affair of the heart from a decade ago, who to be fair let me down badly, made contact out of the blue.  I’m not a mean person so in his time of need I proffered the hand of friendship.  Yes, there was still an attraction which I suppose was to be expected.  However, for me the situation and history ruled anything more than friendship out.  It was a very confusing situation.  Unfortunately, he just saw me as a provider of divine joy, and only wanted a bit of said joy!

It turns out when you offer “friendship” in “man speak” that means “being friendly” which can be translated further to a shallow bunk-up! Apparently in “man” speak “friendship” ie “being friendly” doesn’t mean taking time to get to know each other again, or any attempt to demonstrate he is a man now to be trusted or indeed that he would make me happy, nor does it mean giving so much of a hint of an attempt to woo me to make me feel special and important to him.  Friendship clearly only means a quick grope!  Sometimes, I do think I am in a parallel universe.

He did me favour, reinforcing what I won’t tolerate in my private life.  Let’s face it, I get all the pleasures of the flesh I can possibly want and more from you, my lovely naughty gents.  If I was looking for any more in my private life it would have to come as an extraordinarily amazing package of much more than an excitable penis coupled with a total lack of respect for me.

Unless I was the one and only goddess with a massive dose of commitment, intelligent conversation, and bucket loads of get up and go, and self-confidence but never arrogance, to name a few things, it just wouldn’t be worth my while.



No, anything less than the basics just wouldn’t hold my interest.  Bearing in mind the next thought in the paragraph below, I want to stress that this could never ever come from any gent I’ve met via the secret world, for obvious reasons.  If you can’t work out the obvious reasons, it’s best you just put the thought right out of your head, rather than offend me by asking.

Leading on nicely to the topic of mixed messages.  A lovely gent has explained to me that my demeanour is very confusing to gents.  Supposedly, I am not run of the mill and am unique in a good way.  For those of you that need the physical look I train for 4 to 6 hours a week, I don’t see it myself but lots of you comment that I’m toned.  I present myself well and am confident and very fortunate to be gifted with intelligence.  I have also been described as an empath.  I can easily pick up on your needs and am more than capable/skilled to fulfil them.  I enjoy your company, I enjoy our mutual pleasures, I will ensure you are relaxed, you will be extremely comfortable in my presence and you are very special to me while we are together.

Even if you are lucky enough to be allowed to spend extra time with me, please do not read into that anything other than we are enjoying each other’s company by sharing a moment together, no matter how special that time is.  I am not giving signals for anything else nor leading you on.  Being an empath comes with its own challenges which when coupled with the fact I’ve been in the industry long enough for my visitors to display and explain far too much of the male psyche to me.  I know too much so being with me would be your worst nightmare if your words and actions didn’t match.  If you decided to step out of line, I would know what you were up to before you had even thought about it!  I am even more demanding with even higher expectations in my real life than the fantasy secret world.  Let’s stay in the realms of fun and not ruin what could be lots of fun going forward by having expectations that would complicate things and get you blocked.

Here’s to lots of fun going forward.

Adele x

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