Birthday on fire!

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Hello All

I know, I’ve been neglecting my blogs again.  What can I say life is just so full on, in a good way, that I just haven’t had a chance.  Rest assured, no matter how busy I am I can always find the time to enjoy you, well provided you are organised and reliable! Lol.

More on the changes of who I’m seeing in another blog but basically if I know you and you haven’t messed me about and know how to use soap and toothbrushes, you’re still welcome.

Thank you to the lovely gents who remembered my birthday.  You thoroughly spoilt me.  Sadly, friends and family ignored my special day but nothing new there, they would be mortified if I did that to them.

I did have quite an adrenalin hit on my birthday, not the type of excitement I’d like to repeat when my kitchen was on fire!  Now those of you whose minds are going to a wild party, you are so wrong.  You need to think big flames, awful smell, smoke everywhere, the piercing scream of all the smoke alarms, floating bits of burning plastic and wet laundry on fire, I had no idea wet fabric could go up in flames like that.

I’m so lucky the fire was contained and quickly under control.  There is some damage which I’m now in the process of repairing.  Rest assured the rest of the property is ok, smoke now cleared and unnoticeable when you visit.  I guess that’s one way to celebrate a birthday, I wouldn’t recommend it but it’s a day to remember.

Now to the not so pleasant side of life as a provider of divine joy!  Sadly, an extremely unpleasant keyboard warrior is threatening not only me but my family and friends.  Not a good idea, neither I nor anyone in my life is prepared to put up with this rubbish, everyone has been alerted to this mischief maker and they are prepared to collate further evidence so the book can be thrown at this charmer!  There has also been an incident of a person, who clearly didn’t know what they were doing, trying to cause mischief technologically.  Really, some people should spend their time on their own problems rather than trying to create them for others!

Just putting this out there; obviously, the authorities are involved, no matter what anyone mistakenly thinks they have over me, I should remind you MY JOB is perfectly LEGAL, but threats and harassment are totally illegal.

Turning back to the joy of life, lots of fabulous things have been happening too but I’m limited as to what I can tell you other than I’ve been having a ball both in our indulgences and socially.  I’ve been up to all sorts of things I’ve never done before some may be repeated but others not.

To those of you that have been concerned after my trip to A&E, I’m fine and fully recovered.

I’m so excited and at the same time a little anxious about my upcoming holiday.  Jabs are all booked and all I need to do is get the malaria tablets and buy some holiday clothes suitable for the location and a truck load of factor 50.

It turns out shops in my local area don’t stock my size as there isn’t enough of a call for it!  I wouldn’t have thought a UK size 8 would be so outrageous.  Yes, I’ve dropped another size, no I’m not dieting, I don’t feel any smaller, but my clothes are a bit baggy including my new size 8 jeans which I’ve been hoisting up all day!  I’m convinced the shops have gone giddy on vanity sizing.  For the uninitiated that’s where shops make clothes bigger than they should be to make ladies feel better about themselves to encourage further sales.  I know bonkers!  I guess a trip to Southampton with lots of trying on is in order.

Some of you do make me laugh, not that I’m complaining about you booking extra visits before my holiday but I am a little concerned that you think I won’t be coming back.  Saying that it’s not just you, some family members seem convinced I will be kidnapped too.  Let me assure you I am far too annoying for anyone to consider kidnapping me or selling me into white slavery to be transported via a camel train across the dessert or indeed considering a forced marriage.  Dare I say the risk is more political unrest and having to leg it out of the country, but I have a plan should that happen.  I will be returning to show of my tan or should I say freckles or possibly allergic reaction to the sun!  Someone remind me why I thought this was a good idea.

You will have seen from my availability blog that I will be in Halifax very soon, well in Manchester and Halifax but my time in Lancashire will be fleeting so I can only accommodate in Yorkshire.  Haha I’ve been told off for saying when I will be away.  No need to fret, I have a friend staying at my place and there are enough security cameras to ensure it is safe and secure.

Best to book in soon just in case I get kidnapped lol.

Adele x

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