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Secretary Adele

Hello All

It’s been too long I know.

I’ve neglected you, my lovely playmates.  I intend to put that right.  I’m making plans to return to where I should never have left.

What can I say?  I made a big mistake by moving away but I needed a break it’s not everyday you have your heart broken, have your neighbours turn into the neighbours from hell and find out you are seriously ill resulting in far too many hospital visits, tests and simply awful procedures.  It’s been a long hard battle with a few false starts but I’m ready to have a fabulous time with lots of giggles all over again.

I’m so very grateful to the lovely gents who continued to bring me pleasures and fun by visiting me in the north, despite me not being at my best, or those lovely gents who saw me on southern tours and in some instances both.  I’m extremely flattered.

I’m so excited to be able to plan and plot my return to Hampshire.  The logistics of moving back aren’t as easy as hoped but I’m doing my best and it simply can’t be soon enough.  However, I need to find a place that is of the right calibre, discreet and spacious enough to hold my dungeon, therapy room and play boudoir, with a fabulous shower, easy parking, good transport links, affordable etc the list is never ending but right up there as a priority is a roof that doesn’t leak.  I know that last one is something you would take for granted but clearly not in the north of England!

I will keep you advised of progress in bringing my debauched world of fun and fetish back to you.

Oh I nearly forgot, I’ve got a new phone number too so if you want to get in touch please email for the time being.


Adele xxx

PS.  My fabulous webmaster will update my profile soon, please bear with us.

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