Life is better with cake!

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Hello Luvlies

As always life has been full and enjoyable made even better by our delicious interludes.  I managed to fit in a wonderful long weekend break away in the little cottage in rolling countryside that I love to visit.  It could be described as a cottage designed for romantic retreats in mind.  While there I managed to spend time with cherished friends and family and have come back revitalised and relaxed.


I no longer always wear spectacles which has surprised some of you who prefer me in specs.  Who would have thought so many of you find specs so sexy lol.  If you want me to wear them for you let me know when you book.  Requests to not wear them don’t work for me so please don’t go there.  Think of it as a spectacle roulette, you can state if you require me in them when you book otherwise I may or may not and you have to wait until our time together to find out.


My clothes have stretched again or perhaps I’m just a little more toned.  I’m now wearing sizes 8 or 10 depending on the make and cut.  I’m not dieting, I eat loads (albeit from a limited choice due to an immune reaction to lots of food/drink) but my body seems to be finding its own happy balance weight wise.

I’m pleased to say lots of you appreciate how I look and my increased vitality.

Adele’s Gentlemen’s Club:

Just a reminder that I am not seeing new clients under my Adele Smyth persona from March 2024.  However, I am making a concession and anyone who contacts me before 6th April to book in before the end of May and pays their deposit within an hour of being provided with the bank details.

If I’ve seen you before and we both had a great time you are now automatically a member of Adele’s Gentlemen’s Club so everything stays the same for you.  My lovely club members are more than capable of sating my sinful desires.  There are bound to be chancers trying to convince me that I’ve seen them before so if you’ve changed your mobile number since we last met you must let me know the number you used when you booked or the date and a description of the property/location I saw you at.

So why the change?

As you will have realised, it’s been a long time coming.  I want to take my journey in a direction that allows me to experiment more on the dynamics of kink and control while incorporating my love of sensation play along with taking my relaxation therapies incorporation sexual denial further.  It turns out I have a natural talent and an imagination that can capture not only your physical sexual excitement but, in most situations, lead you into a higher state of pleasure by encouraging your mind to focus on prolonging the exquisite sensations that are about to consume your whole body.  To be frank it’s just not possible to take you to that level of pleasure where mutual intimacy is an option as you get too distracted with what you are doing rather than on raising the pleasures you are experiencing.


I’m still reeling from the stupidity of this situation.  I’ve well and truly across the wrong type of twisted!  Why would someone with decades of punting under his belt suddenly leave a trail… if that wasn’t bad enough the trail was right back to me?

What really struck home was the level of cowardice this person has shown.  What do I expect from someone who impersonates being in the military and embarrassingly just kept digging when speaking to a real brave soul who did serve at a restaurant!

This hero, to save himself from getting a telling off and possibly grounded due to his own indiscretion, spouted an incredible whopper of a lie to save his own skin.  A lie so extreme it was dangerous and absurd at the same time.  No-one with even half a brain cell would believe it unless they were purposely looking to deflect their own failings on someone else.

Gents, I shouldn’t have to remind you discretion goes both ways.  The above situation resulted in me having to make a police report followed by another one when the perceived “wounded party” decided to become vigilante, calmed herself down while on holiday and then the whopper encouraged her appalling behaviour again.  You would never use the words of class or indeed decorum to describe the threats and disgraceful rhetoric that has come my way!  It was simply genius to go to the lengths of getting various burner phones to undertake this harassment but the masterplan had a hitch when she announced who she was in the first sentence!  I guess it made it a bit more exciting for her to pop down to Tesco and buy the burners rather than just use her own phone.

Just to make it clear I certainly don’t and never have needed to chase or even as the rat claimed “blackmail” men to make bookings.  I’m not even sure how that would work, the fee paid is in exchange for my time and companionship and is paid at the beginning of the booking.  He had quite happily paid this way and regularly rebooked over the last 5 years at various locations in the UK and Europe so I fail to see how he could suddenly have a new interpretation of the procedure.  Perhaps he was sulking because I couldn’t see him a couple of weeks ago when I was down with a cold.  I know a bit extreme but there’s nowt as queer as folk!

Shame on these charmers, I didn’t deserve what came my way!  I’m pleased to say it’s now all been put to bed, no pun intended and I will never hear from them again!


Finally, I will just mention I have limited availability in April due to the builders descending and my other commitments.  I’m hoping the scaffolding won’t be too invasive.  All this means I won’t be about from 8th until 23rd April.  I’m sure to have lots of exciting tales to tell you of my exploits during that time.  It does make me laugh when some people have jumped to the conclusion that I will never be seen again through my own decisions or those of others lol.  I don’t envisage disappearing for a while yet lol.

I will look forward to our fun and giggles continuing.

Adele x

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