Nuru body to body massages are stalled…

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Hello All

Bad news first ~ I’ve come to the end of offering my delicious and erotic nuru delights.  I must admit I’m still smiling from my very last one this week which was really good fun.  I hope my nuru companion is a happy bunny too, I have an inkling he is.

You may wonder why I am no longer offer nuru experiences.  In short, I’ve come to the end of my stock of nuru gel and haven’t been able to replenish this with a brand I’m happy with.

The upshot of this is that I  won’t be able to provide you with the erotic delights of my nuru experience anymore.  Well not in the immediate future anyway.  Bear with me while my website is updated.

Perhaps this isn’t such a bad thing while gents are so unreliable or should I say while your employers try to acquire the skill set to enable them to organise a proverbial piss-up in a brewery.  I can’t believe how many of you have to work for employers that are so laissez faire with your time and at a drop of a hat call you into work for that “emergency” despite having already made other plans.   It’s a wonder the British economy can function or is it just the businesses that naughty gents work for?

I would respectfully ask gents that work for one of these types of companies to please bear in mind that when you book I do change my work schedule to accomodate you.  This entails me taking time away from my non-adult industry work and sometimes getting someone else to cover that work so that I may enjoy and entertain you.  Please respect my time as I do yours and only book if you know you can definitely attend.

The good news now:  thanks to the fabulous and fun gents who have visited it can be safely said that I’ve realligned and become one with my fun and teasing mojo again.  It’s lovely to not only continue seeing the lovely gents where we have built up a friendship over time knowing each other’s pleasures and even when the fancy takes us feel comfortable enough to experiment, but also to reacquaint with gents who were lost to me over the years.

A little note for gents who, for whatever reason, have made me feel dubious about meeting again but have been given a second chance ~ if you mess it up, there won’t be another opportunity.  How does it go?  Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!

Just a heads up, this coming week I only have limited opportunities to enjoy you, Tuesday 5th and Friday 8th.  There is an outside chance for Sunday 10th too.

Let the fun continue.


Adele x

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