Organised men are much sexier…

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Hampshire EscortThe title says it all!

I do find myself drawn to the more organised man.  Oddly, or maybe not so oddly, being organised invariably brings with it an air of sophistication and equally welcome, the ability to have an interesting conversation as we contentedly chat, sated, as we wind down after our mutual indulgence.

My heart literally sinks when I’m reading the third email from someone, who despite having been prompted for the relevant details, still hasn’t grasped the need to provide details of the date, time, duration or indeed which experience they wish to share.  I will be brutally honest, at this point, all my ardour for being a provider of divine joy has been dampened.  I will be pondering on whether this person has the wherewithal to follow arrival instructions and heaven forbid how awful the booking would be if I was silly enough to persevere through another 20 or so tedious contacts to get to the point of booking.  By this time I’ve come to the conclusion this person wouldn’t provide me with even a flutter of sexual desire, never mind a mind blowing memory.

Usually in amongst those tedious emails is the infamous statement of “I can’t let you know as I’m married”.  I’m not sure how that is relevant as we all have lives outside of the secret world yet manage to organise ourselves.  I am open for you to explain why marital status would be worth mentioning.  Someone please tell me, is it because the expectation is that I deal directly with the missus as he is clearly incapable or organising the proverbial “piss-up in a brewery” and she is obviously the one who organises everything in that man’s life, including wiping his… we will go for the politer option… nose, please feel free to change with a better option if you wish.

Thank you to the lovely gents who have been spoiling me so much lately.  What can I say I’m a sucker for flowers and I was blown away by the handmade leather gift.  I’m currently obsessing about my cruise wardrobe for my next treat.  I haven’t got the time time or energy to change my evening attire so fingers crossed I’ve hit the right.  I really can’t decide if I should take my tight little Chinese dress with me, it would look a treat with black stilletos and a clutch bag but…  I will ponder on that one.

For those of you who fancy a trip away please bear in mind I only go on trips with gents I know very well and have shared at least one overnight.  I would be awful if we were away and found we found each other really irritating and therefore losing the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy each other to the max, in and outside of the bedroom.

Your an inquisitive lot and want to know my plans are after Fareham.  The answer is… I’m not sure yet.  I’m leaning towards outcalls and occassional incall dates using services apartments/hotels unless a suitable property falls into my lap in the general region of south/south-east of Fareham.  You can see where those lovely, sexy organised men will come up trumps in that scenario.

Adele x

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