Pompoir (the Singapore Grip) and then we have Adele’s Grip!

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Oops I may have got this a little bit wrong and  got carried away with muscle control.  The aim was Pompoir also known as the Singapore Grip.  Google you will get more of an idea but basically, it’s where your anchor is taken by the lady and while you both remain still the lady massages your appendage using her muscles while you both remain still.  Sounds fabulous doesn’t it? If you are a gent that can feel it (clearly as we aren’t clones not everyone has the same sensations), it’s amazing.

Some of you have kindly let me practice what I thought was Pompoir, I admit it my research in this area was almost non-existent thinking I had the general idea.  I worked hard concentrating, squeezing and rippling down shafts and even got to the point where I could ripple back up the shafts.  I was feeling extremely smug and some of you had dirty great big grins on your face after the experience.

At this point I thought it was a good time to enhance the technique by reading up on it.  This is where I came a-cropper!  It turns out the ripple isn’t necessary and what is actually required for the correct technique is a rhythmic pulse.  Compared to what I was doing, an absolute piece of cake lol.  None of this isolating all the muscle bands to work up and down the shaft – why oh why didn’t I make life easier and research to start with?

As I was quite enjoying my version, let’s call it “Adele’s Grip” I’m going to continue with my interpretation.  I can still do the easy “proper” version to but where’s the challenge in that.

I’ve just become side tracked as I came across a suggestion that there is a Pompoir technique that can twist your appendage.  Now that sounds like fun, I will be searching for more details after the festivities.  I think it can be safely declared I’m experimenting with Pompoir!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

Adele x

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