Rhythm of Alexa

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Nibble my strawberry?You know what they say about a man who has rhythm!

It’s all gone awry…

I wonder what they say about a woman who doesn’t have rhythm lol

You may ask how has it gone wrong?  Here’s the abridged version, I spent hours creating the perfect playlists, ok perfect might be a little hopeful but pretty good and just right to set the mood.

Then technology throws a spanner in the works…

Perfect playlist becomes a rather haphazard arrangement of relaxing mood setting dulcet tunes, then we are rudely awoken from our euphoric groans of pleasure with a shockingly loud and incredibly fast beat screeching out at us.

Yesterday was the perfect example of inappropriate, gentle soothing melodies filling the room as we caressed one another arching bodies appreciating the tingles and just as I was about to introduce my expert lips out boomed Flashdance.  I did my absolute best, between giggles, to bob about at speed keeping to the rhythm only to be thrown totally off kilter by the guttural voice of the monster from the pit!  No, I’m not referring to my companion but the most bizarre sound belting out of Alexa.

So, here’s the challenge, can you keep to the rhythm of Alexa?

Best to prewarn you, out of all the Alexas in the world I’ve purchased the rebellious ones!  I have one that won’t do I thing I ask it to, so don’t be offended, if I request you take over relaying the instructions.  Another that just does its own thing and a new one that tells me I need to go onto the app and select the language I’m speaking!  Head, bang, wall!

Life is better when you dance! But maybe not with Alexa.

Adele x

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