Touch me…

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Gently and erotically and feel me quiver.

I’m extremely fortunate to be super sensitive to touch and experience what I can only describe as skin orgasms with the right touch.  The right touch for me is an almost not there touch, the old saying of “less is more”, is key.  Imagine your hands and lips are butterfly wings fluttering against my skin or feathers dancing on me.

My lips just adore soft kisses building up to deep passionate kisses but please avoid biting as sore and bleeding lips does nothing for me at all and if you cut me making me bleed that is the end of our playtime.  Keep it gentle.  Gentle is truly a magic word.

I do rather love to have my neck teased with gentle [there’s that magic word again] kisses and breaths.  The aim is pleasurable moans rather than yelping out a startled “ouch” so do be GENTLE [there it is again].  Do then please move onto my ears which when stimulated with gentle [it just keeps cropping up] tongue flicks and (no saliva please – drooling with saliva is nothing but disgusting) light licks give me amazing sensations in very important places, use your imagination I’m not giving a biology lesson.  However, I will give you a tip that you should never ever forget, keep it moving, too much stimulation in one spot de-sensitises and becomes at best irritating and at worst painful.

Always, always, avoid placing the palm of your hand on my hair and rubbing, I can’t even begin to explain the horrid sensation this gives.  However, if you were to do a scalp fingertip massage that is a very different matter and I may have to just keep you forever.

The whole idea of face licking is repulsive and must be avoided no matter how much you have the urge to do this.

I will openly admit my back is one of my most erotic zones and I simply cannot get enough of gentle kisses all over and the special non-touch using the tips of your fingers gliding across me or your nails, no it doesn’t leave a single mark if you do it right keep thinking feathers and fluttering butterfly wings.  As you explore my back don’t forget the backs of my arms gliding from my shoulders to the small of my back moving toward my buttocks.  Think Bridget Jones’ pants and move along that imaginary panty line, this again is an incredible erotic zone for me.  Be warned though by this point I will be putty in your hands totally lost in a heaven of pleasure.

Under no circumstances give in to your urge to physically strike my buttocks – just as you don’t expect to get assaulted doing your job neither do I.  Slapping does nothing other than inflict pain and will only result in an abrupt end to play.

Please also avoid ruining all the good work you’ve just done and avoid the urge to suddenly try and rim me.  I find anal play on me a massive turn off and simply leaves me cold.  Distract yourself from this urge by working your way down my legs finding my special places such as the outer side off my lower leg I may even ask you to nibble my ankle.  I can’t explain how gorgeous this sensation gives along with scratching your teeth on the top of my feet then alternating between sucking my toes and running your tongue between my digits.

As you turn me other please avoid the urge to grab at and tweak my nipples, porn really has a lot to answer for or is it just that, so many try, and man handle ladies’ nipples to the degree that it becomes excruciatingly painful and a massive turn off.  I rather enjoy my breasts being gently [ah that word again, the key to pleasure] stroked and caressed, but never grabbed at and squeezed.  Each soft and gentle [ah pleasure again] caress stimulates those special nerve endings sending shivers through my body.  A light tongue tease of my nipples may be appropriate now but never go beyond extremely gentle [perfection] and I’m a lady that never appreciates teeth here.

An all too often neglected body part – the arms and hands.  Nails running down the arms leading to the hands just inviting you to work your tongue gently [yes again] kissing those metacarpals and fingers before turning your attention to the palm.  Absolute sensation overload.

Now you are moving down my body ignore those books and articles you’ve read where they instruct you to place pressure on the stomach.  No!  It doesn’t give me an incredible orgasm it just makes me want to hurl and you may just find you are having a whole new “erotic” experience of an unplanned roman shower.  Eek!

Now we move to a rather special area.  Dare I say again? GENTLE is the key as is VARIETY.  Now this is the payoff for my super sensitive body, if you were to go straight at my clitoris like a bull in a china shop all that I feel is a thousand needles being struck into me.  Please hold back from the frantic clit rub and take it easy.  At this point I will happily guide your tongue to my delights.  All I can say is that you may have tongue ache after I’ve been a little selfish, but I’ve been told my taste of pleasure is rather worth the effort.

On the tricky subject of fingering… by invitation only gents and only when you are wearing latex gloves which are always to hand.  Sorry but if you’ve not cleansed your hands on arrival or you’ve been touching your cock with precum dripping off it I’m not inclined to have your dirty little fingers penetrating me.  Don’t even get me started on those that think it’s ok without any preparation to just try and plunge on in there!  I’ve received so many injuries by overly rough insertion and aggressively trying to enter far too deep and the dreaded sharp nails that I can say an activity I used to enjoy is not on my favourite list anymore.

I won’t even mention those that once they get their fingers in there have no idea what to do and just freeze refusing to remove their fingers.  Then there are those that have seen it in porn or read about that g-spot and will find it no matter how much pain they cause!  There was the instance where an “expert” finding this elusive area caused a trapped nerve in my delicate area which was extremely unpleasant for hours after.  Gents the golden rule with fingering is, if you tease me into the right mood you will be invited to partake.  No invitation no fingering.

So, let’s get back to pleasure…

Where were we?  Ah yes, your gorgeous tongue…

Of course, after being treated to such amazing pleasures I can’t wait to reciprocate the pleasure…


Adele xxx

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