A general guide to my availability upto New Year at my new location in Fareham…

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Hello my luvlies

Gentlemen I have now moved into my lovely new place (December 2023) and am located in Fareham on the outskirts of Southampton minutes from the M27.

I am happy to see respectful, discreet and reliable gentlemen who I already know who also lots of fun and have impeccable personal and oral hygiene.

Gents if we haven’t as yet had the pleasure and you fit the above criteria, I’m happy to see you but a deposit will be required for obvious reasons.

Please note that I will only be accepting a limited number of enjoyments a week.

Fareham, please see below for the windows where am I likely to be able to break away from my work to enjoy you:

Wednesday, 6th December ~ not available

Thursday, 7th December ~ fully booked

Friday, 8th December ~ fully booked but there is a chance of a cancellation, please check back

Saturday, 9th December ~ not available

Sunday, 10th December ~ fully booked


Monday, 11th December ~ between 2pm and 9pm

Tuesday, 12th December ~ fully booked

Wednesday, 13th December ~ not available

Thursday, 14th December ~ between 10am and 9pm

Friday, 15th December ~ between 10am and 9pm

Saturday, 16th December ~ advance bookings only

Sunday, 17th December ~ fully booked


Monday, 18th December ~ between 2pm and 9pm

Tuesday, 19th December ~ between 10am and 5pm

Wednesday, 20th December ~ not available

Thursday, 21st December ~ fully booked

Friday, 22nd December ~ between 10am and 9pm

Saturday, 23rd December ~ between 2pm and 9pm

Christmas Eve, Sunday, 24th December ~ advance bookings only


Christmas Day, Monday, 25th December ~ not available

Boxing Day, Tuesday, 26th December ~ advance bookings only afternoon/evening

Wednesday, 27th December ~ between 10am and 4pm

Thursday, 28th December ~ between 10am and 9pm

Friday, 29th December ~ between 10am and 9pm

Saturday, 30th December ~ advance bookings afternoon/evening

Sunday, 31st December ~ fully booked

Going forward the following times are when I am more likely to be able to break away from my other work.  Advance bookings are still the best way to enjoy my delights, I’m worth you making the effort to be that little more organised:

Tuesday ~ between 10am and 6pm

Thursday ~ between 10am and 9pm

Friday ~ between 10am and 9pm

Weekends ~ I will post the specific dates of when I will have weekend availability, just like you I do deserve a weekend off from time to time.

Gents please don’t contact me using HOTMAIL and it looks like OUTLOOK too if you wish to receive a response.  Hotmail and Outlook come back with a message saying the server has been blocked, it appears they don’t like you arranging to have fun in the adult sector!

As always I will look forward to our delightful interludes as only we can.

Adele x

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