Hampshire Escort

Adele Smyth ~ Hampshire Escort

Hampshire Escort

I invite gentlemen who enjoy the eroticism of sensual play to share a delicious rendezvous. We will mutually enjoy the pleasures of gentle and lingering touches, teasing each other as we melt into the pleasures we create. I will encourage you to sensually caresses my responsive body resulting in skin orgasms while you gently place tingling kisses over my soft, smooth skin. I can’t help but respond with quivers to light butterfly touches down my back and soft kisses against my soft and smooth to the touch pale freckled skin.

I of course, will revel in reciprocating the gentle sensual pleasures, our breathing become rapid and feeling the warmth of our bodies as they become entwined as our desires take us to a wonderful place leaving us both contentedly exhausted.

Gentlemen I’m afraid if you are heavy handed and/or your style mimics Benny Hill you aren’t for me. I find being grabbed at, nipple tweaking and dare I say the frantic clit rub and/or fingering a massive turn off. Please don’t be offended but I prefer my lovers to have more finesse. I greatly enjoy a gentle and sophisticated seduction and find a light tongue on my delicate nipples or lady area is more much more fun than wincing with pain.

Perhaps you would like to add a further element of excitement and experience a sensual yet ever so naughty tie and tease with me where I will ensure incredible sensations will sweep through your body allowing you to let go and forget the stresses of the daily grind. We are only limited by our own imaginations.

If any of the experiences detailed on the other pages of this site take your fancy just let me know and let’s see if we can incorporate them into our sensual fest. Clearly, by the nature of it the “Be My Toy” experience cannot be incorporated with any other experience.

I do enjoy dressing with the sole aim of tempting you to ravish me. If there is a look you appreciate, please ensure you let me know when you book and I will do my best to accommodate your request from my vast wardrobe. If I don’t have the attire you wish me to wear you are welcome to bring it along with you and I will happily change into if for you on your arrival.

For the stocking connoisseurs amongst you I adore fully fashioned stockings and vintage stockings (yes, the real thing not a cheap imitation) and would be happy to wear these for you in bookings of an hour or over, simply let me know when you book.

My normal fees apply, please see the logistics page for details.

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