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A little bit of kink is offered to gentlemen who are aged 40 and over, I do not have an upper age limit, older gentlemen in good health are welcome. Please be honest when I ask you questions as to your health etc before using certain equipment. These questions are for your safety so I can adapt our time to suit your needs. If you fail to disclose any medical conditions or the use of stimulants (ie. viagra and the like which can cause you to faint!) and you become ill or pass out the session will end immediately, without refund, and I will call medical assistance – so please be responsible and honest.

Some of you are shocked to learn I’m not averse to enjoying the darker side of play and leading you through the pleasures of torment in which I am proficient. If you are brave enough you may like to experience my darker self and indulge in a mutual appreciation of kink. People often confuse kink and domination – I’m offering kink sessions as they have a sexual element to them, domination would not offer that element.

Please note I am naturally dominant in play and will NEVER switch to take on a submissive role.


The ultimate and popular experience to safely embrace and thoroughly enjoy your sexually submissive side in my expert hands…

Wickedly unadulterated sensual play with a hint of kink if you can handle it…

Please be aware that this is not a girlfriend experience “GFE” and nor is it a domination experience. Think more along the lines of a sensual fest where you will be my submissive toy and as such you do not dictate the activities at all. If you wish to direct which activities or indeed my clothing this experience isn’t for you but I’m sure I can accommodate your requirements under the guise of a “normal” or “kink” booking.

Imagine the scene…

You naked, restrained and totally submissive to me where you are put in all manner of positions ranging from the comfort of my boudoir where the pleasures are only limited by our imaginations and let me assure you mine is rather wicked. I will have a range of equipment and devices with me to ensure the pleasures are plentiful. You will be pleasured and drained of every drop of your pleasure juice but then the realisation hits you… you are still being used and unable to stop me toying with you for my own wicked desires!

As my previous guests will vouch, play times are full on and fast moving in the World of Adele but rest assured for those of you that book longer sessions you will be allowed a small amount of recovery time. Obviously, I will need entertaining in your “rest” time so I may invite you to shower with me where I will teach you just how to touch me gently and erotically as you soap me up or perhaps, I will allow a little down time where you will be blindfold you as you are restrained but have I left the room leaving you alone? Listen carefully was that me breathing, was that a rustle of clothing, was that air movement me brushing by you, did you feel that gentle touch…

Like what you read? Be brave and book for an experience that will have your mind whirring for days afterwards.

This is an incredibly exhilarating experience as I DO deliver what I promise.

Please be aware that this is a playtime where you will be fully submissive and obey my instructions eagerly and with grace, if you want to behave like a naughty boy grabbing and groping or want to direct activities you haven’t understood this experience and it’s not suited to you

Enjoyments that would possibly be included (you can’t opt out of):

  • Being pleasured
  • Having fun
  • Sensual Teasing in a variety of methods
  • Bondage/Restraint
  • Masturbation

Enjoyments which may be included, subject to my desires on the day, which you may opt out of, if you need to opt out of lots of these this really isn’t the experience for you. Please advise of any opt outs at time of booking:

A typical misunderstanding is that the following are all about pain – so very wrong!

  • Kissing
  • Blindfold
  • Anal play (on you)
  • Strap-on (on you)
  • Blindfold pleasuring of me
  • CBT (cock and ball torture but in a sensual way!)
  • Electroplay (E-stim and/or Violet wand) but not available for you if you have any heart issues, be honest!
  • RO (reverse oral)
  • Gag (on you)
  • Lingam erotic massage with a quality oil
  • Oral (covered)
  • Spanking (of you) hand and/or paddle
  • Massage
  • Nipple play
  • Protected penetrative sex (unprotected is not available, only ask if you wish to be immediately blocked)
  • Shared shower where I will instruct you how I enjoy being soaped up and washed down
  • Shoe fetish – worship/boot fetish/heel fetish/foot fetish
  • Vibrating toys (on you)
  • Urethral sounds
  • penis pump


I’m anything but run of the mill so here is a luscious teasing experience with a difference for you.

You will submit to me for a delicious half hour of teasing while you are securely restrained to a chair and possibly blindfolded (the blindfold is optional if you prefer the visual). I will be dressed stylishly but beneath my outer layer of respectability you will catch a glimpse of my gorgeous lingerie and stockings. I will flaunt myself at you. You will feel me brush by you, I will drape myself across your body and slowly undress you as I sit astride your lap leaning in close whispering in your ear.

You will desperately try to control yourself as I release your manhood from your clothing and…

Gents please be aware that the chair tease simply doesn’t work if your belly restricts access to your manhood when sat upright.

KINK SESSION ~ 1 hr £160 / 90 mins £250 / 2 hrs £300 / 3 hours £400

Let me know what areas of interest you would like to include in your session and let’s see what we can come up with.

ROLE PLAY ~ 1 hr £160 / 90 mins £250 / 2 hrs £300 / 3 hours £400

I’m quite proficient in role plays and rather adore them…

If role plays aren’t your thing but you would like me to dress in a certain manner just let me know when you contact me to make your booking.

I particularly enjoy role plays where I can show my dominant side. I will NEVER play a submissive part or agree to be bound or blindfold. I’ve listed some ideas below to spark your imagination. Please be aware I do not partake in any underage or family related scenarios, no matter how you try to spin it.

Photographer who gets seduced by the model ~ I get so many requests from you to be my photographer so here’s your opportunity. You are my photographer, I flaunt myself at you while you get all hot and bothered under the collar. This will be a massive turn on and I may not be able to help myself but to seduce you. I will provide the camera and for a fee of an additional £50 you can also have a copy of any of the decent pictures – for your own use only, of course after I’ve edited out faces etc.

Playful massage therapist ~ you think you are booked in for a massage but the masseuse has other ideas, this could be sensually based seduction or perhaps a kink orientated…

Naughty Teasing Nurse ~ the examination isn’t quite as expected…

Devious girlfriend ~ she greets you with passionate kisses but soon you find out you are in trouble…

Interviewee ~ let me show you why you should employ me, I can be very persuasive…

Interviewer ~ so what’s so special about you to persuade me to employ you?

Work review ~ you simply aren’t cutting it, how will we deal with this?

Flirtatious Secretary ~ would you like me to file that away Sir?

Bitch boss ~ you haven’t been working at full capacity, why shouldn’t I give you your P45?

Drunken pass ~ how dare you make a drunken pass at me, make it up to me now…

Lady of the Manor ~ You are summoned by the Lady of the Manor. Wonder what she wants you for?

Landlady ~ you are late paying your rent and must beg your landlady not to throw you out…

Nasty Nurse/Invasive Dr ~ your medical takes an invasive twist…

Police Interview ~ you are nervous about the body search and being interviewed. You should be…

You are in court ~ you have the opportunity to plead your case before you are sentenced for your crimes.

Let me know at the time of booking your appointment with me the role play you require. Experience tells me if a gent is unable to explain his roleplay scenario simply within 10 minutes, he is merely looking for titillation either with no intention of booking or planning on making a booking but disrespecting the lady by trying to obtain a free wank call when making initial contact. So sadly, it will be necessary for you, if you are unable to explain your roleplay requirements in less than 10 minutes, to book a phone chat with me via the AW system to discuss your scenario to your heart’s content.

CROSS DRESSING ~ 1 hr £160 / 90 mins £250 / 2 hrs £300 / 3 hours £400

I have seen many gentlemen that like to dress in ladies clothing whether that be just sexy lingerie or full attire complete with wig and make-up and I have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions. So, I thought why not put my love of sexy lingerie and corsets to good use while I enjoy myself.

I would welcome you whether you:

  • are a total novice and would just like to see what it feels like
  • simply enjoy the feel of lingerie against their skin, be it suspender belt and stockings or full clothing etc the choice is yours
  • have a little experience in this area and would like to expand boundaries further
  • are the more experienced cross dresser

Please note that if you require a full makeover you will be required to supply your own make-up for obvious reasons. If you are unable to supply your own I can purchase it for you after you have made a payment by bank transfer, in advance, to cover the cost of the make-up and my time in purchasing it for you.

We could combine our dressing booking with a sensual GFE where I get to appreciate what you are wearing too. For the more adventurous why not experience a kink session in this guise.

I’m by no means a professional dresser but I do enjoy dressing you.


I have a well stocked Chambers in my residential property. My dungeon furniture consists of a St Andrews Cross, Kneeling Bench, Horse Bench and Stocks. Unfortunately, I do not have my dungeon furniture set up in my current location. However, I do have the following hand held equipment available:


Electro play – I use the E-Stim set and have interesting attachments to use on you, please do not request this pleasure if you have any heart problems.
Glass dildos
G-spot dildo
Nipple clamps (various including chop stick nipple clamps, suction & twist)
Strap-on (small, standard and exceptionally large ~ to use on you)
Magic wand
Dare massager
Anal beads (to use on you)
Prostate massagers (different sizes for your pleasure including a ***NEW*** vibrating one)
Butt plugs (various sizes to use on you including a glass one)
Stainless steel anal hook
A selection of glass anal dildos of various sizes
Vibrating butt plugs (two different sizes to use on you)
Under bed restraints (for use on you)
Over door restraints (for use on you)
Leather ankle and wrist cuffs (to use on you)
Leather collar
Hobbler to restrict your movement
Leg Stretcher to use on you
Bondage tape (to use on you)
Hot wax candles (to use on you)
Pouring wax (to use on you)
Humbler (if you are brave enough! to use on you)
Parachute ball stretcher (to use on you)
Metal weights to attach to your nipples and/or balls
Floggers/leather tawse/bamboo beater/pump/slipper (to use on you)
Cane/chopstick spanker/hard wood studded paddle (to use on you)
Crops (various to use on you)
Camel crop (to use on you)
Feather tickler
5 ring Gates of Hell cock cage
Ball gags and “O” ring gags
Hoods and leads
Urethral Sounds

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