Hampshire Escort

Adele Smyth ~ Hampshire Escort

Relax with a full body massage of your choice (Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage or Bamboo Massage) followed by a shared exfoliation shower or bath before being invited to my candle lit boudoir for sensual enjoyment of each other.

My charges for this massage experience, irrelevant of which type of massage you select, is £200.  Please allow 2 hours to enjoy our time together.

To get the most out of the massage experience intimate play commences post massage enabling you to relax and fully appreciate the benefits of the massage with the knowledge that you will be sensually pampered afterwards.

Please email me should you have any health issues to discuss if a massage is suitable for you.

At the time of booking please let me know the type of massage you would like, I am qualified in and offer the following:

–  Swedish Massage
–  Hot Stone Massage
–  Bamboo Massage

Swedish Massage

Ease away stresses with a therapeutic Swedish massage.  Simply relax and enjoy my hands easing your tension and gradually working on those muscle knots leaving you relaxed and invigorated.

Hot Stone Massage

Relax with this luxurious massage as I glide the hot stones over your body providing you with a gentle but deep massage ~ pure decadence.

Bamboo Massage

If you are looking for a slow and deep massage the bamboo massage is for you.  I use warmed bamboo sticks to relieve stress and built up tension by manipulate the bamboo across your body leaving you relaxed with a sensation of well being.

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