Availability for Adele’s Gentlemens’ Club (ie. only if I’ve seen you before and you were fun and respect my time)… (Updated 23rd May)

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Hello Gents

Please find below my availability for gentlemen who are members of Adele’s Gentlemens’ Club.  You are automatically a member if I saw you BEFORE March 2024 and we had an amazing time.  I’m sorry but there is a trend of unreliability running across the nation, not only does it waste my time and irritate me  but it is also a massive turn-off.  If you fall into the disorganised or unreliable category please save both of us the embarrassment of a refusal by not contacting me.  Fun and reliable gents, don’t forget, if you’ve changed your number you need to let me have a note of your previous number in your first contact to me.

I will point out that the quality of the time you have with me depends on your behaviour and how you present yourself.  Personal and oral hygiene is a must.  If you find you get limited services you need to reassess your personal and oral hygiene.  Attempts at boundary pushing will result in you being pretty bored while you are sat in my boudoir on your own for the duration of your booked time!

Gentlemen I’m sorry if we haven’t already had the pleasure you have missed the opportunity to enjoy my delights as I am now only enjoying reliable gentlemen who I’ve seen before and enjoyed our time together.

I have decided to ensure that our fun times stay “FUN” I will only be taking a limited number of appointments a week.

As you know I don’t sit in my suspenders just waiting for your call, I lead a very busy life so advance bookings are still the best tway to enjoy my delights.  I’m worth you making the effort to be that little more organised.  Below is an indication of the times I may be able to break away from my non-adult work:

Gents I’m sorry I haven’t been about for a while, thanks to the medics at A&E (again!) I’m back on my feet and enjoying you again…

Thursday, 23rd May ~ fully booked

Friday, 24th May ~ fully booked

Saturday, 25th May ~ due to cancellation I am now available today

Sunday, 26th May ~ advance bookings only

Bank Holiday Monday, 27th May ~ good availability

Tuesday, 28th May ~ between noon and 6pm

Wednesday, 29th May ~ not available

Thursday, 30th May ~ between 2pm and 9pm

Friday, 31st May ~ between 3pm and 9pm

Saturday, 1st June ~ advance bookings between 2pm and 9pm

Sunday, 2nd June ~ please check back

Please note I will not be available Friday, 7th June to Monday, 10th June (ie. about again from Tuesday 11th June)


Gents please don’t contact me using HOTMAIL and it looks like OUTLOOK too if you wish to receive a response.  Hotmail and Outlook come back with a message saying the server has been blocked, it appears they don’t like you arranging to have fun in the adult sector!

As always I will look forward to our delightful interludes as only we can.

Adele x

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