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Hampshire Escort

For gentlemen who prefer a longer or perhaps different relaxed time together I invite you to share a decadent experience with me. I have noted a few ideas below to pique your interest, but if you have other suggestions please let me know and let’s see what we can arrange.

LADY’S CHOICE ~ 1 HOUR £160 / 90 MINS £250 / 2 HOURS £300 / 3 HOURS £400

I’m often told that selecting just one experience form the range I offer is akin to being in a sweetie shop leaving you confused as to what you really want.

Lady’s choice takes away all that pressure and adds to the excitement as I make the choice for you. This may be a seductive girlfriend experience (GFE) or perhaps one of my professional massages followed by an intimate time or even a kinky delight. You won’t know until the fun commences which of the delightful experiences from my vast repertoire you will be immersed in.

When you arrive you will try and guess from my attire what lays ahead of you but do you really think I’m going to miss out on the opportunity to build the anticipation and desire by making it that easy? I may just put in a curve ball and have an outfit change or two lined up.

Don’t be assured that the theme that we commence with will be your only destination. Before you know it, I may have changed tack having lulled you into believing you will continue down the theme I started with only to divert onto a different scenario leaving you feeling uncertain but savouring the sensations racking your body as you tremble with anticipation.

Please note if I select a kinky session for you the activities will be of a sensual nature and will not cause you any pain or marks.

To get the most out of Lady’s Choice a minimum of 90 minutes is recommended but if you prefer a longer enjoyment, I will happily entertain you for whichever duration you book.

You can select up to 4 activities from this list to omit but the rest is up to me:

Anal / strap-on (on you of course)
Cross dressing
Face sitting
Foot fetish
Nuru massage
Reverse oral (RO)
Role play
Shared shower
Wax play

4 HOUR (2 hrs social/2hrs boudoir/kink) DINNER OR LUNCH DATE & INTIMATE PLEASURES ~ £400 plus you cover expenses

Let’s enjoy a relaxed time together before appreciating each other intimately.

My dinner or lunch date is perfect for the gentleman who prefers to relax and enjoy good company and seductive teasing before enjoying intimacy. We enjoy 2 hours of social time followed by 2 hours of private time (4 hours in total) maybe we could enjoy lunch/dinner or visit a gallery/museum or even go for a walk along the beach stopping off for coffee followed by 2 hours of intimate time.

Unfortunately, it is necessary to point out social time is just that and may include hand holding but certainly not outdoor play. Let’s keep our play time safe and private in the confines of my boudoir or if it takes your fancy my kink rooms.

I fully understand that 4 hours may not suit what you have in mind, the duration is flexible. My rates for intimate time are noted at the bottom of this profile and then simply add on £50 for each additional hour or part hour of social time.

PAMPER DAYS ~ 5 – 7 hours £750

Sometimes you simply have a need to get away from it all and be pampered by someone who has your pleasure and well-being as their number one priority.

I would love to be that “someone” and I invite you to spend between 5 and 7 hours during the day with me. We can relax and just do what takes our fancy.

A shared shower gently soaping each other down would be an ideal way to get to know each other while serendipitous touches send quivers through our bodies sharing the excitement and anticipation of the day ahead of us.

Unhurried pleasures await us in the boudoir where our bodies intertwine as our lips search each other’s nakedness exploring our desires causing much more than a mere stir of arousal.

If your pleasure is kink, we can indulge and experiment or perhaps it is something you would like to experience for the first time lingering on your enjoyments.

Maybe I can tempt you to experience the sensations of ladies’ lingerie against your skin, the tug of the suspender belt pulled by stockings, or the feel of your feet encased in sexy heels teaching you how to wiggle those hips before rubbing up against you to feel the satin of the clothing you are wearing. Not for you? No problem at all as I have a creative nature and our journey of exploration may surprise each of us…

A quick change and I could turn from your erotic muse to a naughty nurse putting you through a rather intimate examination.

When you are contentedly exhausted why not enjoy a relaxing Swedish massage delivered by my expert hands.

There of course will be a need for sustenance in the form of a picnic on the bed. Who knows what manner of tasting techniques we could devise or indeed how messy we will be.

When you feel that there can’t possibly be anymore pleasures to be had allow me to tie you to my bed kindling further arousal.

You will end the day feeling relaxed, sated, contented and pleasurably exhausted following a day of light-hearted companionship, lots of giggles with a generous helping of passionate kisses, intimate stimulation and a connection of erotic pleasures.

My fee for a pamper day is a set fee of £750 irrespective: of whether you leave at 5 hours or allow me to keep you for the full 7 hours, or any duration in between; or indeed any of activities we enjoy together.

BESPOKE INDULGENCES ~ non-sexual social time £50 per hour, intimate time as noted

I’m not averse to letting you lead me astray, provided it doesn’t involve being carted off by the boys in blue so please be realistic.

Here are a few ideas for starters:

Maybe you have a long lived fantasy of flirting with a stranger over the car park meter and finding yourself booking into the local hotel for an afternoon of delight.

One of my favourites is going for a sail and dropping down anchor to enjoy the extra pleasures created by the gentle bobbing waves.

For those of you that yearn for a mix of sensual and fetish I’m sure we could get our heads together and find a suitable combination of releases.

There are just so many possibilities where do we begin?

COMPANION ~ non-sexual social time £50 per hour

In view of the many requests I receive from gents to meet socially I have now added a nonsexual social companion experience to my repertoire. If you wish me to accompany for a work/family/social event as your +1, dinner, theatre, cinema, spa, coffee meet, walk etc my rate is £50 per hour or part hour in the local area. If you wish me to travel further afield, please email me with details and I will be happy to provide you with details of my fee. Please note that this is a social meet only and there will not be a GFE or sexual element. If you require anything more than charming and intelligent conversation with a splattering of flirting and inuendo and companionship, then my normal rates apply.

Here are some ideas of social events I will be happy to accompany you to:

  • Professional work events
  • Social events such as family gatherings
  • Trips to the theatre
  • The races
  • Accompanying you to a spa

Please be aware that intimate time is always charged at my advertised rate.

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