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The best way to behave is to misbehave – Mae West


Escort Hampshire

Welcome pleasure seekers and thank you for dropping by.

A little heads up: my website isn’t aimed at the gent in a hurry. It’s not a short profile by any stretch of the imagination due to the extensive range of delicious experiences I delight in sharing with you. Please give yourself time to read the areas of interest and perhaps have a peek at the ones you didn’t originally think would appeal, you may be pleasantly surprised.

I’m a mature, intuitive and educated lady with a wicked mind. I simply adore teasing and tormenting respectful and mature gentlemen with pleasure. I exclusively enjoy intelligent gentlemen aged 40 and over.

I pride myself on providing you with a distinctive and unique experience meaning the delights I offer are most certainly worth your while travelling any distance to me. Many of you tell me that you treat the journey to me as part of the experience feeling the trepidation build as you fantasise about what you are about to succumb to.

You can be assured that all visits to me are designed to enable you to let go of the stresses of your worldly responsibilities and allow you to have a special treat that is just for you. I take your well being seriously which, when combined with my empathic talent in the art of seduction, will blow your mind. A little nervous anticipation is good, but you will soon find you are put at ease with my natural charm. I am intuitive and have a relaxed nature which combined with my friendly northern ways will have you feeling that we have known each other for ages. I’ve been told my gentle accent is rather sexy too.

There are so many pleasures that I love to share…

I have an eclectic taste in pleasure, and some may say I’m a lady of contradiction. I simply adore the eroticism of sharing heavenly sensual times but also have a darker side revelling in the forbidden fruit of kink and fetish. As a fully qualified massage therapist I’ve also created a range of experiences that enable me to let my skilled hands loose on you enticing you into a state of physical and mental well-being before releasing my flirty and teasing persona on you.

I also draw on my wealth of experience to provide “no sexual pressure” experiences encompassing elements of the sensual and/or mildly kinky side of pleasure but all embracing the aphrodisiac of denial for gentlemen who enjoy pleasures without full services. These are all detailed on my website www.Sensual-Strokes-Massage.com. Your boundaries are always fully respected please also respect mine.

I have split this site into different pages to help you navigate to the section of interest to you. I hope the narrative excites you and you are tempted to let me take your hand and lead you into my eclectic world of erotic, sensual and sometimes kinky fun.

Sensual Adele ~ where strangers become lovers, allow me to reciprocate your light butterfly touches that make me quiver.

Gentleman’s Retreat ~ be prepared for sheer indulgent pampering.

A Little Kink ~ place yourself in my experienced hands to be taken to wonderful places you have previously only ever dreamt of.

Time for Decadence ~ let’s close the door on the world and indulge especially for the gent who prefers a longer time to connect with a lady on an intellectual level as well as erotically.

For the gentleman who simply can’t decide let me decide for you with Lady’s Choice detailed on the page entitled “Time for Decadence”.

Gentlemen no offence intended but if you haven’t just stepped out of the shower and are soapy clean EVERYWHERE, you simply are not fresh enough to expect any close contact let alone intimacy. I simply won’t be going near any parts of you that are less than squeaky clean. Primarily for you to ensure you are attractively clean for our time together, I provide a selection of toiletries, toothpaste, sealed packet toothbrushes etc. along with fluffy white towels. On arrival, after we have sorted out the paperwork, you are invited to make full use of the shower facilities and to ensure your oral hygiene is up to muster. Five minutes of your shower time will not be taken out of your booked time provided you shower alone. You are welcome to freshen up again after our time together.

Don’t forget to check out the page entitled “logistics” before contacting me to ensure both of our precious time isn’t wasted.

Adele xxx

Please note I have zero tolerance for tyre kickers or the unsavoury that are an irritation in the adult industry akin to that buzzing fly on a hot summers day. I contribute and receive alerts to the real time safety systems. Unsavouries, be aware that these systems have resulted in successful prosecutions. If you haven’t worked it out yet unacceptable behaviour is the same in the arena of the adult industry as it is in civi street. Genuine gents can be assured that these real time warning systems keep them as well as ladies much safer.



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