A guide to my upcoming availability… (back on 21st August 2023)

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Hello Gents

I’m happy to welcome respectful and genuine gents to share adventures with me at my lovely discreet apartment in Fareham but only until Tuesday, 12th September 2023.  I am looking for another apartment but so far no luck.

Gents please be aware the school holidays bring out all the timewasters, to ensure you aren’t mistaken as one of those please ensure you know the date, time and duration you are looking and which of my deilghts you would like to share with me. I really can’t fathom how some people can make it as drawn out and complicated as they do.

To assist you in planning your visit to me here is a rough guideline to my upcoming availability before I leave Fareham.  Please note that my diary is reliant on you being organised so it can change at the last minute.  It is always worth contacting me to see if I have had any last minute changes.  The more notice you can give for on the day arrangements the better chance we have of meeting: 

Gentlemen please note that I am unlikely to be able to respond to your messages/answer calls outside of the times noted below.   The key to having the opportunity an amazing experience with me is to be organised.

Sunday, 20th August ~ not available, I will be able to answer my phone/messages from noon

Monday, 21st August ~ availability between 2pm and 9pm, I wind down about 6pm if you haven’t already booked in for later

Tuesday, 22nd August ~ availability between 10am and 4.30pm

Wednesday, 23rd August ~ fully booked

Thursday, 24th August ~ availability between 10am and 4pm and if booked in advance at 8pm

Friday, 25th August ~ availablity between noon and 8pm

Saturday, 26th August ~ please check back

Sunday, 27th August ~ availability between noon and 4pm

Bank Holiday Monday, 28th August ~ advance bookings welcome

Tuesday, 29th August ~ availability between noon and 5pm if booked in advance

Wednesday, 30th August ~ availability between noon and 9pm, I wind down about 6pm if you haven’t booked in for later

Thursday, 31st August ~ availablity between 10am and 3pm and again from 7pm


I will look forward to sharing a delightful interlude with you.

Adele x

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