A roll of the dice, a turn of the (Kama Sutra) card…

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A roll of the dice, a turn of the card…

I’ve stumbled on a new way for us to entertain ourselves in a novel way.

We could take the sedate option of rolling the dice and following the instructions.  Your guess is as good as mine as to which parts of our anatomies we may be licking, blowing or patting.

For the more adventurous of you, read that as physically fit and agile with a member that delights in standing to attention, we could use the Kama Sutra cards.

With a turn of the card, followed by a bit of head scratching to figure out what the picture dictates, we could be shrieking and giggling attempting to replicate the almost impossible Kama Sutra position and perhaps put a whole new spin on it and create our own.  From experience and with a smug smile, I can say that some of the positions are well worth the effort.  However, some of the positions may need many more yoga classes before they are achievable.  Following the pleasures, we then have the joy of attempting to untangle our limbs without an accidental elbows or knee connecting with delicate body parts.  Just as you think it’s all over and can breathe a sigh of relief, I turn the next card and…

So, there are no misconceptions, if you expect me to do it, so are you… start stretching now… you will be bending and stretching with legs over your head just as much as I will be.  Who would have thought that it was humanly possible to get into some of those positions?  I’m game if you are!

I will leave you to ponder on the fabulous possibilities…

On a slightly different point, I’m having a ball with outcalls.  Why haven’t I done more of these before?  More of my antics in another blog.

I nearly forgot.  It’s that time of year where boys pretend to be men during the long educational establishment holidays.  Gents so you aren’t mistaken for one of these, please ensure you are able to communicate clearly and efficiently and with manners.  There are enough pointers in my profile to enable you to provide the correct information in your first contact to be taken seriously.  I also have an expectation that you have manners, if you do not there is nothing I can do to help you out with that one.

Read into this what you will ~ I am sapiosexual ie. attracted to intelligence.

I look forward to having fun with the courteous and intelligent gentlemen amongst you.

Adele x

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