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Adele SmythGentlemen this blog was originally submitted to AW but it’s upset the moderators on that platform so you get to read it here.  Do tell me which bits you think would have “deliberately” broken the rules, they are very good at bandying accusations about.  Surely, if it was “deliberate” I would know which bits resulted in it being deleted:

Another strange rule on AW, you aren’t allowed to use blogs to advertise, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t AW an advertising forum?  Why else would you ladies want to submit anything on that site?  Perhaps gents you would prefer to read how we planned our weekly menu, did the gardening or the frustrations of not getting a hairdressing appointment, what’s that you say?  No… Exactly, you want updates regarding the bits that involve the sex industry and titilation ie. advertising that keeps you engaged with the lady in question.

OK rant over! (hopefully lol).

Read on for the trials and tribulations of being a provider of divine joy.


I’m not saying I’m away with the fairies but thank you for putting up with my little foibles…

OK I admit it, I had my knickers on inside out, I’m not sure my guest would have noticed if in my embarrassment I hadn’t made such a big deal of it.

Then we had the interesting conversation where I thought we were talking MMF but he was actually talking strawberries!  Confusing doesn’t cover it… Perhaps I should park my one track mind, just occasionally.

Perhaps if you’re taken poorly and need to vomit, please stop and check I haven’t given you the bucket with a hole in it!!!  What can I say? Florence Nightingale I’m not but I do make a sexy Mrs Mop lol.  I’m pleased to say my lovely guest is making a good recovery.

I’ve realised I would be hopeless in a real fire.  Off went the fire alarm (no I wasn’t cooking!), my lovely guest and I stared at each other in disbelief, I managed to splutter out “get dress and out” and I proceeded to run from one room to another and back again trying to find my clothes while he calmly got dressed!  Thankfully it was a false alarm.


Regarding my holiday plans.  Thank you everyone for your insight, some of your comments were helpful, others less so lol.  I have had a frank conversation with my male friend and we have both agreed it wouldn’t be sensible to go away together.  We both agree our friendship is important to each of us so why risk it.  Then he asked if he could come and stay at mine for the weekend.  Drrrrr!

While we are touching on communication, please only use terms relating to adults when emailing me.  I’m getting bored of the warnings with the nasty accusation from this platform (see above notes about bandying accusations) when instead of using the word “lady,” you use an extremely uncomfortable term that is not used when referring to a grown up.  Worst of all lots of you do it.  As a hint it’s a four letter word beginning with the letter “g”.

Frustratingly I’m still waiting for the appointment for the medical procedure, I will note on my profile when I will be off as soon as I know the dates.  That is, if I ever get a date with these darn strikes.  The way things are perhaps I should go private, I wonder how much I would get for my car!

I’ve toiled over the internet for hours buying outfits and accessories for my cruise treat with my AW husband.  What joy, they are stuck in the local sorting office and can’t be delivered!  Don’t get me started about landlords not doing repairs, this one is preventing Royal Mail accessing the building or even alerting me they are stuck outside!  I will be dealing with that on Tuesday.

Thank you to the lovely gent who has given me a whole new appreciation of angling.  I should phrase that better, a whole new appreciation of a certain bit of certain fishing equipment.  I hope your mind is boggling!

Cryptic and Not So Cryptic Messages:

There is someone out there that will understand one or other of these lol

The maid has been taken out of the wardrobe, or should I say box.

I’m looking forward to ”getting wet together” again but only when the time is right for you.

Thank you to the lovely gentlemen who have been so generous lately. You do make me feel very special.


I’ve come up with a few new roleplay ideas for you, they are on my AW profile and will be updated on this website in due course.

And finally the big news!

Catch me while I am still at my current location!  Yes, again!  This time it is out of my control.  Just as I’m starting to settle there and make the place more homely.  I find out the builders are coming.  There is no way I am going to stay in a building site.  Done that and certainly won’t be doing that again.  I am attempting to find out the schedule of works and dates etc but you try getting anything out of a landlord when they don’t want to lose your rental income.  Of course the inconvenience to me doesn’t cross their greedy little minds.  I’m guessing it will be August/September.  Again I will update when I know more.  Please don’t ask me my plans I have 101 ideas in my head of varying degrees of madness and not one is feasible.

I will stick by the old adage of “what is meant to be will always find a way.”

Still awake?  Well done…

Adele x

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