Fitness and greater flexibility for better sex!

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Adele at the beach

Some of you will know that I accidently stumbled across Pilates just after the last lockdown and soon became addicted closely followed by Dancercise.  You don’t want to know what I get up to in dance class but standing on a chair in heels undertaking some death defying wriggles and swirls while swinging a feather boa about doesn’t seem as weird as it should do lol.

I will admit the cardio classes are begrudgingly added to my regime but all I can say is that I’m easily led.  I train up to 6 hours a week and have no idea how I manage to fit this into my busy schedule but somehow I do.  Don’t get me wrong I’m no fitness bunny, I do my classes as I really love them and the people I train with are such good fun too.

The surprising outcome to all this training is how much more fun sex can be now.  I put it down to the greater flexibility and improved strength and stamina.  I’m much more bendy and can now tilt and wriggle my body more than previously to achieve those, once achieved, greatly sought after sensations.  I’ve never made a secret of the fact I’m pretty selfish when it comes to sinful pleasures!

When I’m fortunate enough to enjoy pleasures with gents who also appreciate Pilates or indeed Yoga it’s fabulous.  Gents I’m not saying you should all rush to get yourself booked into these classes but if you did, I would appreciate it lol.  Hopefully this won’t sound all New Age, but take a leap of faith, forget about artificial stimulants and work on yourselves, learn to listen to your own body and help it to give you what you want.

You never know, if  you did, I may even get my yoga ball out for you for us to balance on while enjoying each other.  Now that was erotic and hit spots that were rather interesting in a fabulous way.  However, to achieve the stability needed on the ball it takes both of us to have a strong core.  Now there’s something for you to aim for…

I will leave you to ponder on that concept.

I’ve now settled into Fareham and love my new apartment.  I’m pleased to say you are telling me you are happy with it and the location is working well for you too.  The move didn’t go without a hitch, but you wouldn’t expect anything else with me.  All I will say is if you ever manage to get locked out (especially on the day you are moving in) and your locksmith abandons his drill in favour of swinging a hammer you’ve got serious problems.  Maybe do as I did and just sit on the floor with your head in your hands muttering “why me”!!!!

I will leave you with that image and look forward to catching up with you all soon.

Adele x

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