Glamour of bygone days…

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I simply adore the style and glamour of bygone days and fortunately have womanly curves in just the right places that are perfectly accentuated by outfits inspired from stylish past eras.  I particularly love the feel of vintage nylons.  Fortunately a small number of the looms to make these nylons are still in operation, I believe only 4 factories worldwide remain, meaning that although not the easiest thing to source we can still enjoy the silky smooth feel of real nylons.

It is so frustrating to see people try and pass off vintage inspired stockings as the real thing.  Rest assured a true connoisseur will spot the difference between these fakes and true nylon fully fashioned stockings!

So for true connoisseurs, I love to flaunt my fully fashioned stockings, insisting that you check my seam is straight feeling your hands gently run up my silky smooth stockings…

Adele xxx

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