It feels good…

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Being back that is. I’ve missed you all and of course the dose of pleasure you give me.

I’m pleased to say I’ve recovered and back on form although I currently have the concentration span of a newt but I’m sure you can find a way of keeping me totally engaged on the task in hand though when we next meet.

At the risk of tempting fate, surely there can’t be any more viruses that are waiting to pounce and get me!

I suppose this is an opportune point to update you on the move, or should I say scuppered non-move! It’s all gone very badly wrong and fallen apart at the seams. That means I’m staying put in Fareham for the time being and trying to work out how I can set my time to be more effective. It’s likely that I will stay in Fareham half the week, but probably not on consecutive days, and spend the other part at home working on my other interests. There will be a degree of flexibility for true gentlemen who are reliable. Once I’ve decided I will pop details on my profile.

I’m going to make better use of the space in Fareham and will actually get around to putting pictures up and getting all the little things that make it more homely. I could do with a handy man, it would also be good to have a friendly (discreet who doesn’t feel to blab about seeing a dungeon in situ) plumber too. I will have to see who fate throws in my path…

I might even get a cage to pop you in, I quite like the idea of having you trapped in the cage all night tormenting you and then releasing you for my pleasure but then back in you go until the urge takes me again! I know that’s not for everyone but for those of you who would be up for it, lots of fun could be had.

For the gentlemen who prefer sensual seduction I am thinking of adding a few more delights for you. I can’t wait for sunny days when we can make use of the balcony, obviously not for intimate fun, discretion is a must, but it could be fun to sun ourselves (I will be the one in the shade) enjoying a drink (I will be the one drinking water) with some outrageous flirting (I will be the one flirting) before retreating to the boudoir (I will be the one enticing you!).

I’ve heard some chat up lines but how’s this one: Come and ride my wave? Errr urrrmmm, lost for words! Lol

Saying that a giggle or two would be welcome. While I was poorly I took the chance to catch up with old friends I’d lost touch with, one friend links into more and before you know it there are a group of you pleasantly reminiscing. Sadly the giggles turned into shock when I’d received some news that I’d dodged in my absence from the circle. Within the space of 2 days I’ve found out 4 people, in said circle, have passed away, one was a close friend back in the day. All far too young, all were below the age of 40 and no, nothing to do with the pandemic. It takes a little bit of absorbing, if you are ever going to give such news to anyone, perhaps drip feed it to soften the impact.

So how about cheering me up with your tackiest chat-up lines?

Anyway enough chit chat. I will look forward to seeing you soon.

Adele x

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