Melting like an ice-cream…

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Hello All

Brace yourself for full on corniness…

I’m melting like an ice-cream…

Who want’s a lick?

I know groan worthy but I simply couldn’t resist, I did try but it was determined to see the light of day!

OK when did the UK sprout legs and plant itself in the middle of the Sahara Desert?  Please no lectures on global warming, it’s a retorical question.  I’m fully aware of the environment we live in.

In true British style I’m moaning about the weather…

Someone please give me tips of how to stay cool.  I’m currently going for the darkened room, fans blowing at every angle, cool drinks ~ do you have a better solution for me?  Even my notorious game of hunt the ice cube isn’t helping.  Don’t be surprised if I entice you to share a cool shower with me, it may be our only sanctuary from this extreme heat!

Hopefully when I’m around again next week the heat will be more tolerable but that doesn’t mean I won’t get the ice out or lure you into the shower with me.  Who’s up for pretending we are drunken youngster on an 18-30 holiday, losing all sense to create our own wet T-shirt competition!  OK I’m showing my age I know it’s no longer T-shirt but “T” or was it calling 30 year olds youngsters that gave it away!

Thank you to the lovely gents who have been so gracious about me moving their appointments, you know I will make it up to you.

Wish me luck.

Adele xxx




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