Moved but not without a hitch!

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Adele's Long LegsHello All

I’m pleased to say the move has been successfully completed.  I’m quite sad to have left Fareham.   I’ve had lots of good times and met some amazing gents, I will miss you all.

As to be expected with me, the move didn’t go without a hitch!

The highlights or should I say lowlights were:

  • Flooded kitchen and what a time to find out the stopcock had seized but a rather gorgeous Spanish gent came to my rescue. Him rescuing me was becoming a habit lol
  • You would have thought one flooded kitchen would have been enough but oh no the day after it was ground hog day! With my rescuer on holiday, I bravely wielded a screwdriver, all on my own, and with the help of crossed fingers I think it’s temporarily sorted!
  • After much to the removal man’s amusement I made a massive fuss over breaking a nail then I promptly ended up with a head injury. It was an interesting scenario where I was having a conversation with a wide eyed and rather confused looking removal man while we both tried to ignore the fact that blood was running down my face.  Don’t worry it wasn’t a major issue and the gash (OK I’m being a diva it was a small cut) is healing nicely.
  • Oh and I’ve ended up with both my wrists strapped up! They will be good again in a couple of days.

Someone please remind me never, ever to move again!  Or at least until the next one in a month or two lol

I literally flopped when I got home that evening, exhausted, only to find I had no food in the house (I’d forgotten to do a shop), roasted chickpeas anyone?  You may think “why didn’t she just get a takeaway?” – not an option with lots of allergies!

Despite my best efforts to be super organised, it’s all gone to pot and I don’t know where a thing is.  Hopefully, I will have everything sorted out in the next week.

Sorry to my Fareham coffee pal that I didn’t have time to meet up mid move but I guess we were too optimistic thinking that may have been an option but how many contacts have you tried to make while you knew I was busy moving!?  We have spoken about this before, one message suffices so I don’t feel you are too obsessed and when I get the opportunity I will respond.  If I believe anyone is getting too obsessed, I walk away, ok it’s more of a sprint that Usain Bolt would be proud of and I totally disappear from your world.

I received a couple of bizarre communications mid move.  The first was from someone who, last year, was significant in my private life until I had a tantrum over his final faux pas of a sleepover with his secret lady friend!  If you valued the lost love most of you would go down the line of wooing, poetry, cards, flowers, wining and dining, hiring a horse and dressing in shining armour (ok maybe not the last one, that’s already been done! lol).  Oh no, not him he contacted my Adele persona requesting a booking.  Just goes to show he hadn’t bothered to get to know the real me at all and the request perfectly announces all I ever was to him!  Perhaps, I’m wrong and requesting a paid for booty call is a new technique to bowl a lady offer and make her feel good about you.  Little tip here guys, don’t try it as it truly isn’t going to catch on.  No prizes for guessing the request was declined.  Then I was effectively dumped.  I’m not sure how I can be dumped by someone I’m not even seeing but it happened.  The emails kept on coming “I won’t contact you again” and “I have one last thing to say…” until finally I’d had enough of my nose being rubbed in it and after wishing him and his sleepover all the best, the block button became my friend.

To make this a surreal moment, even more bizarre at the same time as he was making me feel rubbish a blast from the past, let’s call him Adonis from my long distant past, pre my foray into the adult industry, contacted me.  We never fell out our lives just went in a different direction.  Now I’m being love bombed and he wants me to head to paradise with him.  I’m not stupid, I know there will be an agenda as to why he’s suddenly popped up; but when I say paradise it truly is.  It’s the place of dreams and where his business is based.  Unspoilt with sun, sea and sand, amazing culture, a very simple and relaxed life with extremely friendly people.  The downside is I can’t speak any of the languages spoken there, it’s politically unstable and a third world country but that doesn’t detract from it being fabulous.  Yes, I have been before.  Who wouldn’t be tempted?  I must be mad (or maybe not), but putting on my practical head I declined…

So how am I going to manage to see you, my lovely gents?  That is unless I have a sudden inspiration, pack my bikini and run off to paradise.

The plan so far and subject to constant change is as follows:

I need to spend a bit more time on my other commitments so I will be part-time but rest assured no part effort in having fun lol.

In the immediate future I will be concentrating on outcalls with the occasional incall day at various locations.  I will give you more details in another blog in the next couple of days.  Gents please understand, I will struggle to answer calls/messages/emails over the next couple of days as I not only have to sort out things from the move but have a diary packed with (non-adult) work meetings, attending a conference and being involved in a community group.  I promise I will make time for fun for the more organised gent though.

Adele x

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