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Lovely view...

Hello All

The new pictures are a bit of a giveaway but I will state the obvious, I’ve had a new photoshoot.  I hope you like.  Oh the stories I could tell you of my mishaps during the location shoot, but the vital bit of information I took away from the shoot was ~ it’s not as easy as it looks balancing on the top of a piano, nor is getting down again lol.

I will be filtering out more pics for you to enjoy as and when I have time.

I seem to have confused some folk with the recent changes of who I am now seeing so I’m here’s my latest attempt to make it clearer:

If I’ve seen you before, either at my location in SO31 which I left in 2018, or any of my locations after that time and we had a fabulous fun time I will be happy to continue to see you.  This site will be updated very soon but in the meantime please see my previous email with full details.

If I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting you yet or I haven’t seen you in over 5 years please peruse my website  If my delightful massages and/or tease and denial indulgences appeal to you please contact me using the number on that site.

See, couldn’t be easier.

I’m looking forward to enjoying you.


Adele xxx



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