Ohh errr I’ve got a squeaky truncheon…

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Nurse Adele

Naughty Nurse

Here’s a little insight into my delicious world of pleasure:

Who would have thought I would find out that my WPC costume complete with truncheon had a squeaker!  I won’t tell you how I found out as I’m sure your dirty imaginations will come up with a much more interesting situation than the reality lol.

I must admit our police officer roleplay went to pot when all I wanted to do was squeak the truncheon.  I know very immature but in my defense your reaction only encouraged me ~ please accept my apologies.  However, your truncheon did seem to thoroughly enjoy the attention he got after your full confession for every crime in Fareham was extracted.

I’ve attached a pic of me in my nurses outfit earlier in the day.  While undertaking an in-depth examination I found a few revelations from my patient which I have logged in my (ok rather disorganised) brain for future adventures.

I do love sharing your journey of discovery with you and am extremely flattered you trust me with your secret desires.

Yes, I do enjoy more than roleplays.  Think along the lines of slow sensual seduction, taking our time, relaxing into the sensations of a very gentle touch, gently undressing each other with our kisses increasing in desire.

Gents who can sensually caress a lady in are a dream and are much more likely to engage her mind too.  Your fingertips lightly running across my body like butterfly wings almost touching, almost not touching just sends my body into a skin orgasm.  I do adore reciprocating those touches too if you are inclined to allow me.

Gents it’s worth noting, if you are a grabber/a clothes tugger, person who slaps a lady (there is absolutely no excuse for slapping in any context)/hair puller/spitter I find that a massive turnoff.  What is it with the boob and crotch lunge?  In summary gents, if that’s you it’s best you give my profile a swerve.  All I can say is that Benny Hill has a lot to answer for. lol

Oh my, I’m thinking about all the other activities I enjoy.  If I keep going, I will be writing a novel rather than a longer than anticipated blog.  Best just read through my website and you will get the idea.

For the first time in ages my diary is calming down so if you’ve had problems booking, now might be your opportunity before it goes crazy again.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Adele x

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