Perfect weather for nuru (best book in now before I run out of gel)…

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Hello gents

How are you doing in this heat?  A little birdy has told me you are having very naughty thoughts with all that flesh on display lol

This heat and frustrated gents are the perfect combination to get slippery with nuru.  No, it’s not just oil, nuru has no oil in it at all.  It’s a warm gel that not only provides lots of pleasure but moisturises your skin too.  I know you’re only interested in the pleasure bit, I thought I’d throw in that random titbit.

The pleasure bit comprises of sharing a shower to get wet.  Then we move into the area I will have already set up where you lay down and I work my magic with a naked body to body massage.

Don’t worry I do all the work so all you need to do is relax and enjoy, well that is unless you fancy having a go at sliding against me.  There is an art to it, it’s not a case of plonking yourself on someone and squashing them like a pancake with a bit of a wiggle here and there!  That would never do.  More finesse is required.  I glide against the body generally only allowing a little pressure but more in the appropriate areas.  Who knows what erotic delights we can get up to when we are coated in the gel slipping all over the pvc sheet.

I probably have enough gel for a few more weeks before I leave Fareham.  It’s unlikely I will continue with nuru as it simply won’t be possible to lug all the gear, set up and clean down when I’m doing outcalls or using service apartments/hotels.

Regarding leaving Fareham, I am literally having a nightmare trying to find suitable serviced apartments to entertain you in.  Maybe I’m too fussy but it needs to be decent, discreet, in a location that you can easily reach yet in a decent area and where you can also park.

I’ve even toyed with the idea of getting another play apartment but again that isn’t proving to be easy and besides I really don’t fancy dealing with any more inexperienced and stroppy agents with the mentality of a newt, I know they are cheap labour.  It’s beyond me why landlords pay a fair whack in fees to letting agents for the “professional service” for it to be delegated to someone straight out of college just because they wear a suit?  They only end up winding up the tenant and frustrating the landlord.  If I wanted to deal with that age group, I would be a teacher or something similar.

I will keep you advised of my progress…

Adele x

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