Shrinking Adele not to be confused with a Shrinking Violet!

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Hello All

Apologies for the lack of updates, life has been pretty hectic.  That’s hectic in a good way.  I’m pleased to say you’ve been keeping me busy heading west, north and east to visit you for an interesting array of naughty indulgences.  I’ve also been enjoying you at my temporary location in Fareham.  Even though it is temporary it is discreet, very comfortable and spotlessly clean with easy parking.  What more could you ask for?

Please don’t ask where I will eventually be based, I have no idea.  I am in negotiations for a unique property with a special feature that would make some of you shake in fear and others shake in excitement (not in Fareham), but the other parties involved are more laissez-faire than dynamic so hope of this proceeding any further is fading fast along with my patience.  I’m never one to put all my eggs in one basket so I’m still checking out other options.

Now for the subject of this blog. “Shrinking”!  Ok now you can stop laughing I know I can never be described as a Shrinking Violet, but you’ve got to admit it made a nice link, at least in my head it did.

So Shrinking Adele… I’m not sure if I should be happy or perturbed but I’m now having to drop to a size 10 for some clothing, I seem to be between size 10 and 12 depending on brand and style.  I’m not going to update my details yet.  I’m not feeling the whole size 10 vibe.  Sorry to those that preferred me with more padding.  I do still have curves, lots of you say I’m toned but I don’t see it myself.  Aren’t we supposed to put weight on as we get older?  I’m not sure if it’s the classes I do which I refuse to ditch as they are so much fun.  Maybe it’s my darn allergies (easier to explain by calling it allergies) that mean I can’t eat and drink most of what you do.  Basically, if it’s tasty I can’t have it!  That doesn’t stop me from at least smelling the tasty stuff, surprisingly you get a feel for the flavour by sniffing! Lol

I’ve just ordered a new nurse outfit, a snugger, sexier fit.  Hopefully it will arrive this week.

A little reminder gents: please respect my time and appreciate that I only take a limited number of bookings.  I would be grateful if you only book if you know 100% you can attend rather than operating on a wing and a prayer with a prevailing wind basis.  I reschedule my “normal” work diary and social life to be able to see you, even on a weekend, and when you cancel it really messes everything up, not to mention the fact that to honour your booking I’ve likely turned down a gentleman who is more organised and would have turned up for his appointment.  If you live a less organised lifestyle, rather than pointlessly blocking my diary, you are welcome to wait until the day and if it transpires you have a window contact me and if I can accommodate you, I will.  Obviously, I will need a fair bit of notice on the day, if you are a “now” type of man you are best going elsewhere as I will never be able to help you.

A little appeal for help.  I’ve managed to purchase a right dud from a dodgy car sales garage, you don’t even want to know the details, I’m involved in it and having to pinch myself at how bad this whole situation is.  Clearly, I didn’t realise it was dodgy until it was too late.  Do any of you have any experience in dealing with the legalities of motor sales and a worthless mis-sold warranty to point me in the right direction?

I’m looking forward to a fun week with you before spending a long weekend with friends in the very chilly north.  I know snow isn’t forecast but memories of being snowed in earlier in the year still haunts me so I will be packing wellies just in case.

Adele x

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