Thank goodness for the real men…

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Warning there is no tact or indeed any inkling of PC in this blog!

Here goes…

Is it a full moon or something?

I’ve never known it quite like this for being treated quite so badly…

I will admit I’m verging on quitting the industry.  I keep trying to focus on the real men who are true gentlemen and such good fun but then I have to deal with…  there are no words to describe what I think of the undesirables…

People forget ladies are human and have stuff to deal with too but we keep a smile on our face and ensure our time together is special and memorable.  Sometimes really rubbish stuff where if feels like your world is just crumbling down around you but who gives a *bleep about that so long as the man child gets his kicks.  Here’s a selection of what I’ve had to put up with:

  • Being sent on an 80-mile round trip by a gent I trusted only to be cancelled at the last minute! Wasted time/energy/diesel and worst of all destroying my trust in him.  He’s burnt his bridges with me.


  • Being told by someone I’ve seen before that if I wanted him to consider seeing me again, he needed free sexting from me! Blocked.


  • Another someone I’ve seen before; boundary pushing and wanted me to be submissive and put myself at risk for him! Blocked.


  • The normal divas with unrealistic expectations of when I can call them back as clearly, I’ve been put on this planet only to wait for their call.


  • Then we have those who really don’t know what soap and water are for. For goodness sake wash your arses, balls and underarms.  Oh, and yes clearn your teeth!


  • The latest straw that broke the camel’s back, a person has just taken an hour of my time to book in and when it came to paying the deposit told me he wouldn’t as he didn’t trust me! Then proceeded to hound me with calls and texts.  Blocked!

I really don’t deserve this *bleep, no-one does.  Grow up!

I’m clinging onto the fact that tomorrow is another day, let’s hope certain types have crawled back under their stones!  Harsh?  I don’t think so but I really don’t care!

To the lovely, fabulous gents who truly are such fun this isn’t aimed at you, I wish I was enjoying you rather than the toxic individuals who will insist on sharing their misery.

Adele xx

* insert your own expletive

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