There’s something very sexy about a well-presented man…

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Adele Gorgeous in Gossard Lingerie

Call me old fashioned but I simply adore a well-presented man, smartly dressed, polished shoes, sharp haircut, clean shaven and smelling oh so delicious and spotlessly clean everywhere.  A man who clearly respects himself!

Intelligence doesn’t go amiss either.  I’m not saying Oxford graduate but someone who has the ability to communicate beyond a quickly fired off text.  Don’t get me started on my dislike of texters.  I find it incredibly rude to make your first contact via text, what is wrong with the spoken word?  The words you use, the tone you adopt, pauses you make says so much more about you.  My mind is caught by someone who can hold an interesting conversation, someone who is open minded to the opinions and situations of others.  With the right connection the pleasures of banter and teasing walk hand in hand.

Confidence really does it for me too but certainly not arrogance.  I have observed that arrogance tends to be the remit of youth and the insecure whereas confidence truly does come with age and being comfortable in your own skin.  A contentment with your lot in life do not read this as ambition is wrong as someone who strives to improve their lot always gets my respect, it is still possible to be content and ambitious.

I look forward to welcoming the very sexy men out there into my discreet world of pleasure.


Adele x

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