Treats galore…

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It’s at times like these that I realise how fabulous you are to me.  You truly do treat me like a goddess and I do believe I could get used to this.  Let’s face it in relationships out there away from my delicious world of fantasy, once someone thinks they have hooked you, they start to take you for granted ~ but not here.

I’m busy packing for my week of sheer luxurious indulgence, it’s such a relief to have finished the search for outfits to be proud of while on the arm of my companion and certainly not forgetting the ones the fellow holiday makers will not see behind the closed door of our cabin.

Those of you that are cringing at my holiday annoucement, please don’t worry I have arranged for a friend to stay at my place so I’ve not given burglars carte blanche access.

I will look forward to making our own magic on my return but please bear with me I will pick up your messages on my return.


Adele xxx


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