Winter cold!

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Hello All

I’m sorry I haven’t been about, I’m down with my first cold of winter and seriously hoping it’s the last.  At least it should be building up my immunity!

I’m getting lots of hugs from my snuggly duvet and my best friends are now my hot water bottle and Vicks.

A friend, who happens to be a healer, decided to look after me yesterday.  I would take the “look after” part of that statement with a pinch of salt.  I’m not sure how “let’s blow the cobwebs away” which involved trekking through a muddy field and woodland before sitting drinking coffee on a freezing cold jetty could remotely be deemed to be a cure.  However, she did catch me before I hit the deck as I was swooning, sadly that’s the fainting swooning rather than the adoration version.  I am ever so grateful to the (overly) helpful chap who tried to supply me with a working heater.  I can hardly wait for her version of Reiki to sort out my chakras, please wish me luck.  It all came from a good place, so I can laugh about it, but I’ve spent today recovering from the “cure” and cleaning up all the mud!

I’ve got an update on the “dungeon” I was in negotiations for.  It’s fallen through or should I say petered out, the other side just wouldn’t move things along despite supposedly being in a rush for me to sign the lease.  I have got a few other options lined up and am working hard on re-establishing a permanent venue to entertain you.  I will keep you advised on progress but don’t hold your breath in the current market.  It’s crazy that the house sales have crashed with nothing moving but the rental side has exploded, things are gone within days of being advertised at stupid money!  It really isn’t sustainable.  I know I should buy, but that wouldn’t be any good to entertain from, due to those that wouldn’t understand discretion if it slapped them in the face.

I’m heading back to my duvet for more cuddles now, but I hope to be back mid-week.

Adele x

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